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Set DescriptionCardPlayer(s)StockPrice
Buy it Today1990 Cal League Cards Palm Springs Angels215Salmon, Tim8$10.00
Buy it Today1990 CMC Base Set854Salmon, Tim33$0.18
Buy it Today1990 ProCards Palm Springs Angels2593Salmon, Tim1$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Bowman Base Set203Salmon, Tim41$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Classic Classic/Best329Salmon, Tim45$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Classic IIIT81Salmon, Tim9$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Line Drive AA443Salmon, Tim23$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Bowman Base Set259Salmon, Tim5$0.75
Buy it Today1992 Donruss Rookies PhenomsBC10Salmon, Tim14$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Fleer ProCards Edmonton Trappers3551Salmon, Tim1$3.00
Buy it Today1992 ProCards Tomorrow's Heroes32Salmon, Tim2$0.40
Buy it Today1992 Score Traded93Salmon, Tim9$0.39
Buy it Today1993 Bowman Base Set229Salmon, Tim66$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Bowman Base Set341Salmon, Tim66$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Diamond Marks92Salmon, Tim42$0.70
Buy it Today1993 Donruss Base Set176Salmon, Tim169$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Donruss Triple Play37Salmon, Tim55$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Finest Base Set163Salmon, Tim4$1.25
Buy it Today1993 Flair Base Set177Salmon, Tim54$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Flair Wave of The Future15Salmon, Tim32$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Fleer Base Set197Salmon, Tim93$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Jimmy Dean Rookies9Salmon, Tim19$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Leaf Base Set445Salmon, Tim63$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Leaf Gold Rookies10Salmon, Tim24$0.18
Buy it Today1993 O-Pee-Chee Base Set292Salmon, Tim14$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Pacific Spanish51Salmon, Tim3$0.35
Buy it Today1993 Pinnacle Base Set303Salmon, Tim47$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Pinnacle Base Set276Salmon, Tim83$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Pinnacle Home Run Club42Salmon, Tim6$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Pinnacle Team 200120Salmon, Tim6$0.40
Buy it Today1993 Score Base Set346Salmon, Tim65$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Score Boys of Summer2Salmon, Tim1$2.00
Buy it Today1993 Score Select339Salmon, Tim101$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Score Select Rookies11Salmon, Tim1$1.00
Buy it Today1993 SP Base Set25Salmon, Tim49$0.18
Buy it Today1993 SP Platinum Power16Salmon, Tim10$0.91
Buy it Today1993 Stadium Club Angels13Salmon, Tim7$0.25
Buy it Today1993 Stadium Club Base Set249Salmon, Tim126$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Stadium Club Members Only22Salmon, Tim5$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Stadium Club Members Only Parallel249Salmon, Tim2$4.00
Buy it Today1993 Studio Base Set114Salmon, Tim84$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Topps MicroP20Salmon, Tim4$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Toys'R'Us Base Set67Salmon, Tim8$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Ultra All-Rookies8Salmon, Tim16$0.20
Buy it Today1993 Ultra Base Set523Salmon, Tim76$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Upper Deck Base Set1Salmon, Tim199$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Upper Deck Fun Packs7Salmon, Tim34$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Upper Deck On Deck21Salmon, Tim42$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Bowman Base Set395Salmon, Tim56$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Donruss Base Set353Salmon, Tim69$0.18
Buy it Today1994 Donruss Diamond Kings4Salmon, Tim40$0.24
Buy it Today1996 Bazooka Base Set111Salmon, Tim26$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Bowman Base Set43Salmon, Tim21$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Bowman Bowman's Best9Salmon, Tim28$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Bowman Bowman's Best Cuts Refractors13Salmon, Tim1$3.00
Buy it Today1996 Bowman Bowman's Best Preview6Salmon, Tim2$1.50
Buy it Today1996 Donruss Base Set477Salmon, Tim110$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Donruss Diamond Kings7Salmon, Tim1$5.00
Buy it Today1996 Donruss Elite5Salmon, Tim2$4.75
Buy it Today1996 Donruss Round Trippers4Salmon, Tim1$6.00
Buy it Today1996 Finest Base Set249Salmon, Tim1$3.00
Buy it Today1996 Finest Base Set22Salmon, Tim3$1.75
Buy it Today1996 Finest Base Set97Salmon, Tim39$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Flair Base Set41Salmon, Tim1$0.90
Buy it Today1996 Fleer Base Set57Salmon, Tim18$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Fleer Circa Access3Salmon, Tim3$0.25
Buy it Today1996 Fleer Lumber Company8Salmon, Tim5$0.43
Buy it Today1996 Fleer Update238Salmon, Tim14$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Fleer Update Headliners18Salmon, Tim1$1.25
Buy it Today1996 Leaf All-Star Game MVP Contenders10Salmon, Tim6$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Leaf Base Set45Salmon, Tim108$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Leaf Limited17Salmon, Tim14$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Leaf Preferred28Salmon, Tim38$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Leaf Preferred Steel25Salmon, Tim20$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Leaf Signature Autographs201Salmon, Tim2$7.50
Buy it Today1996 Metal Base Set32Salmon, Tim27$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Pacific Base Set264Salmon, Tim23$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Pacific Gold Crown Die CutsDC12Salmon, Tim1$2.00
Buy it Today1996 Pacific PrismsP86Salmon, Tim1$1.00
Buy it Today1996 Pacific Prisms Fence BustersB16Salmon, Tim1$1.00
Buy it Today1996 Panini Stickers209Salmon, Tim2$0.50
Buy it Today1996 Pinnacle Aficionado122Salmon, Tim19$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Pinnacle Aficionado Slick Picks29Salmon, Tim2$1.00
Buy it Today1999 Bowman Base Set273Salmon, Tim49$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Bowman Bowman's Best30Salmon, Tim22$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Finest Base Set69Salmon, Tim50$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Flair Showcase24Salmon, Tim6$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Fleer Brilliants90Salmon, Tim12$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Fleer Mystique42Salmon, Tim19$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated94Salmon, Tim16$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Fleer Tradition235Salmon, Tim21$0.18
Buy it Today1999 King-B Discs9Salmon, Tim1$0.75
Buy it Today1999 Metal Universe82Salmon, Tim30$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Pacific Aurora5Salmon, Tim5$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Pacific Base Set12Salmon, Tim15$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Pacific Invincible4Salmon, Tim1$0.51
Buy it Today1999 Pacific Omega8Salmon, Tim7$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Pacific Private Stock44Salmon, Tim1$0.30
Buy it Today1999 SkyBox E-X Century61Salmon, Tim8$0.18
Buy it Today1999 SkyBox Molten Metal106Salmon, Tim4$0.18
Buy it Today1999 SkyBox Molten Metal Fusion6Salmon, Tim1$3.00
Buy it Today1999 SkyBox Premium135Salmon, Tim16$0.18
Buy it Today1999 SkyBox Thunder211Salmon, Tim35$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Stadium Club Base Set241Salmon, Tim38$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Topps All-Topps MF20Salmon, Tim2$2.00
Buy it Today1999 Topps Base Set360Salmon, Tim134$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Topps Gallery54Salmon, Tim13$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Topps Gold Label Class 1 (Fielding)29Salmon, Tim14$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Topps Opening Day115Salmon, Tim24$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Topps Stars101Salmon, Tim8$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Topps STARS N STEEL28Salmon, Tim2$1.00
Buy it Today1999 Ultra Base Set168Salmon, Tim68$0.18
Buy it Today1999 Upper Deck Base Set25Salmon, Tim71$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Bowman Heritage109Salmon, Tim4$1.48
Buy it Today2002 Donruss Elite111Salmon, Tim2$0.20
Buy it Today2002 Donruss Super Estrellas2Salmon, Tim8$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Flair Base Set18Salmon, Tim40$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Authentix119Salmon, Tim29$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Base Set288Salmon, Tim21$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Box ScoreP105Salmon, Tim71$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Focus JE158Salmon, Tim32$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Genuine Tip of the Cap25TCSalmon, Tim6$0.35
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Hot Prospects12Salmon, Tim18$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Maximum173Salmon, Tim25$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Platinum117Salmon, Tim53$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Premium33Salmon, Tim27$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Tradition323Salmon, Tim43$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Fleer Triple Crown49Salmon, Tim20$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Leaf Base Set1Salmon, Tim34$0.18
Buy it Today2002 MLB Showdown Pennant Run56Salmon, Tim2$0.18
Buy it Today2002 MLB Showdown Showdown9Salmon, Tim2$1.00
Buy it Today2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia5Salmon, Tim15$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools44Salmon, Tim1$1.00
Buy it Today2002 SPx Base Set162Salmon, Tim2$5.00
Buy it Today2002 Topps 206 Polar Bear392Salmon, Tim1$0.75
Buy it Today2002 Topps 206 Series 3392Salmon, Tim20$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Topps Base Set595Salmon, Tim109$0.13
Buy it Today2002 Topps Gallery102Salmon, Tim23$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Topps Ten Die Cuts178Salmon, Tim1$1.00
Buy it Today2002 Topps Total45Salmon, Tim29$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Ultra Base Set47Salmon, Tim53$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Upper Deck Ballpark Idols6Salmon, Tim11$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection202Salmon, Tim1$9.95
Buy it Today2002 Upper Deck Forty-Man23Salmon, Tim7$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Upper Deck MVP8Salmon, Tim14$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Upper Deck Series II551Salmon, Tim119$0.18
Buy it Today2002 Upper Deck Vintage7Salmon, Tim40$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Bazooka Base Set15Salmon, Tim5$0.18
Buy it Today2003 Bowman Base Set27Salmon, Tim36$0.18 is not affiliated with or endorsed by Major League Baseball (MLB), the Major League Players Association (MLBPA) or the Los Angeles Angels Baseball Club. Images and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and copyright of their respective manufacturers. They are presented here for entertainment and informational purposes only.